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You can seek help from Jiaxin Company when you face the following difficult problems!
Low efficiency
Jiaxin Company is one of the grinder manufacturers that design the large flow separating system in China. The separator is made of imported materials, can discharge material fast and there is no blocking. Jiaxin Company focuses on demands of the clients, and help you to achieve maximum benefit.
Failing to achieve fine grinding
Wet grinding fineness of 5 microns~50 nanometers is the strong advantage of Jiaxin Company. Jiaxin Company owns advanced grinder technology, grinding system and very grinding performance, and can utilize the grinding medium that is small to 0.1mm.
Poor purity
All of core components are made of high-quality and advanced materials, are wear resistant and have very fine stability, and will not contaminate the material. For grinding the white color, the material will not become grey and will not change color, and this is the promise of Jiaxin Company for the clients.
Fast wearing
All of fittings of the grinder of Jiaxin Company contacting the material are made of high wear resistance and high-strength special materials, and are manufactured with the unique processing technology of Jiaxin Company. For the equipments, the free service period is one year. The first batch of products since the establishment date of the Company are still utilized presently.
Unstable product
With reasonable entire machine design, precise internal design, interchangeability of the parts and fittings and stability of the manufacturing theory, Jiaxin Company guarantees the equipment stability in maximum degree.
Specialize in R & D/production/sale for 18 years


In global range, more than 2000 clients have enjoyed the professional nanometer sand mill solutions provided by Jiaxin Company
It needs to have deep understanding for the project demands of different industries, and requires having professional scheme and research breakthrough for the grinders for different fields and for resolving different problems.
The product models are complete, and all of series of sand mills are basically available. In addition, the inventory is sufficient, the transport capacity is strong. For fastest condition, the products can be delivered on the same day when you place the order.
The Company owns strong research, design and production teams. Especially for quality problems during milling, the Company can resolve the problem in the most ideal and satisfactory way.
“Three guarantees” are provided for the products. With the service hotline for 24h, we can answer your consulting at the fastest speed or resolve the problem in field. You will not have worry after purchasing the machine. We always abide by “good faith”, your satisfaction will be our permanent seeking!
Such many well-known enterprises as Ye Ink Company, CIMC, Futian Paint Company, Baohong Technology Company, Xinzhanwang Company and so on have jointly selected Jiaxin Company, Jiaxin Company is worthy of your trust.
The professional technical team analyzes the problems. With complete products, the Company can resolve all of your puzzling problems in a one-stop way, and you will save more effort and will be more unworried!



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关于佳信   Dongguan Jiaxin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the advanced technology and high-quality materials from Germany, specializes in R & D of the wet grinding equipments, and is a coating chemical equipment manufacturer that integrating production, sale, research and development. The Company specializes in grinder nanometer grinding field and can provide grinder……[More]

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