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Affect its speed grinding efficiency

Line speed bead machine, that is, we often say that the speed for sanding machine grinding efficiency in the end have no effect? The extent of impact? Let us look at the following analysis:
First, the object took a little speed on the fixed axis circular motion is referred to as "linear velocity." It is generally defined as a particle (or each point on the object) as curvilinear motion (including circular motion) when having instantaneous speed. Its direction in a tangential direction of movement of the track, it is also called the tangential velocity. It is described as a physical particle motion curve of the speed and direction of movement. When the curve for each point on the object movement has instantaneous speed, its direction of movement along the tangential direction of the track.
Let's look at line speed computing sander. Line speed grinding media campaign in different locations inside the cylinder sanding machine is not the same, the axial center line of position minimum speed, maximum line speed of the cylinder wall, between any point between the linear velocity can be used as follows formula:
The linear velocity V = 2πωr (Unit: m / s)
π- pi: ω- sander shaft rotational speed (unit: r / s); r- barrel straight line from the point to the center of the shaft, which is equivalent radius.
Example: with a sanding machine speed of 1200 rev / min, which is 20 rev / sec, the diameter of the cylinder body grinding disc is 30 centimeters, that is, any point on the circumference of the grinding disc to a straight line from the center axis of 0.15 m, the maximum line velocity V = 2 × 3.1416 × 20 × 0.15 m / s = 18.85 m / sec. We usually talk about sanding machine line speed is the line speed of the machine grinding disc.
Finally, we look at the relationship between speed and sanding machine line between the grinding efficiency and impact. Sanding machine line speed is higher, the kinetic energy transmitted to the bead greater the higher the efficiency of a sand mill. But sanding machine line speed is not as high as the better? of course not.
Sanding machine line speed is too high following drawbacks:
A, line speed, the greater the heat, the faster the machine temperature, while the temperature of the majority of the material is limited.
B, line speed, the greater the impact on the sand mill media, the distribution of the grinding media is very likely broken.
C, line speed, the greater the damage to the machine caused by wear and tear parts, machinery manufacturing material requirements are also higher.
Line speed sander is generally between 9-12m / s, sander truly effective grinding area is a narrow area between the grinding disc and the tank wall, and other parts are heat zone.
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