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JX7-150L high flow nano-ceramic sand mill
Jiaxin sander is one of the world leader in wet grinding technology, all devices are based on customer requirements tailored to customers: including laboratory to industrial production and complete systems engineering, our aim: to provide users improve product performance, increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption, lower production costs, to join hands with customers to enhance international competitiveness of products!
Horizontal sander series
Single-pass grinding
Suitable size: 50um-5um
Grinding media size: ≧ 0.9mm
The model uses a flexible, easy to clean, easy maintenance, suitable for medium viscosity, high-volume products

Uses:Ceramic ink, battery materials, titanium dioxide, inkjet and other nanotechnology products Grinding
Features:Suitable grinding fineness 50nm ~ 5um superfine grinding requirements
Profile:Horizontal sand mill is a hollow shaft structure, centrifugal separator, effective protection of the life of the screen. Efficient centrifugal separator system can be well separated from the product and grinding media. This ensures that the machine for the good functioning of highly viscous products. According to the specific requirements of the product, the machine can be designed (such as polyurethane, ceramic, wear-resistant steel, tungsten carbide) in accordance with different materials Order Hotline:00769-22718809

JX5-NL30L 30 37 2500 01~2.0 1600 1800×900×1800
JX5-NL60L 60 45 2500the above 0.2~2.0 2000 2200×1200×2000
JX5-NL150L 150 120 3500the above 0.2~2.0 2500 3000×1500×2500
JX5-NL200L 200 200 4000the above 0.2~2.0 2800 3600×1800×3300
JX5-NL500L 500 315 5000the above 0.2~2.0 3200 3760×1800×3300

1)20μm-50nm fineness solve the problem 2) resolve not change color purity without metal contamination problem 3) solve problems yielding an abrasive power consumption
4) resolve plugging leak sealing liquid separator downtime 5) solve the frequent replacement of core parts and the use of stable life issues 6) resolve timely and professional service issues

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